Monday, June 1, 2009

ughh! still waiting

(mom and dad asked for more info... so here's the best I can do until something new happens (-: ) Up to the Ice tomorrow! 2:15, its about time! I'm starting to go a lil crazy sitting around waiting to do something! I've walked just about everywhere I feel comfortable going alone, there are some trails around here somewhere I'll check them out next time I'm down. I'm not sure when I'll be down, Rick seems to be rather unorganized.... so it may be awhile, or I may be down the next day, I'll tell you something though I hope things pick up, that way it'll get my mind off of being away from everyone I care about! lets see today I made myself stay in bed until 7:30, got up had breakfast, got freaked out by Jamie screaming after picking up her shirt and having a huge spider crawl off of it... so I picked up all the clothes in my room and made sure they were in my zippered bag closed! AHH she said she's killed 6 so far... then watched some movies with Jess and Jamie, had some lunch, went on a walk, went and picked up my package Gail sent me! :-) Thanks Gaily! watched pirates and took a nap in the sun coming in our window, had dinner and went for a walk with Jess to pick up Robert from Coastal, (who is exactly like Zack Adams! except with a southern accent haha) came back and now... listening to the new Dave Matthews!!! its wicked good if you haven't heard it! (I'm already being made fun of for saying wicked and soda (instead of pop) alrighty well I'm out for now, more later hopefully with info about the ICE!


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