Friday, September 25, 2009


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<3 Cait

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Here Comes Life! Ch. 2

Whether I'm ready for it or not my life is about to start full throttle ahead. I'm 4,500 miles away from home and everyone who ever played a huge part of my life for the past 22 years, but I have to grow up and take the step and explore at some point right? I've come to the next break in bulk as Dad puts it... The summer gig is done and now that its over I miss it I really do... But now its on to the next adventure, Chapter 2!
I booked a flight to Anchorage on Sept. 4th at 7:25 in the morning and Tim picked me up at the airport! It was the best feeling I've had in a long time, waiting to get off the plane getting my bags off the baggage belt (waiting for Tim cuz he got stuck in a construction zone...) Seeing a familiar face, after a long summer of not seeing him, and going through some rough patches, it was an awesome reunion :-) It was also very surreal at the same time, after planning on being in Anchorage at the end of the season, and having it actually come true was hard to believe. Tim took me on a small tour of Anchorage and then back to Donal and Karen's house, which is where we'll be staying until we find an affordable place of our own . Don and Karen are friends of Tim's family who got Tim the job at the Railroad. Anchorage is (even though its a city and I'm not much of a city person) beautiful, though I think I'd say that about any place in Alaska :-) The house is in south anchorage, up in the hills surrounded by trees and overlooking the bay and Chugiak mountains and the city, which at night remindes me of the top floor of Northstreet overlooking the city lights... oh the memories... Once Karen and Donald got home we started packing to go down to the Boat in Seward Harbor about 2 hours away from Anchorage. Don and Karen have a 42 ft Benetaeu sailboat named Satisfaction, that we were going to spend the weekend on!!! After a long summer full of long days and hard work being out on the ocean was something my soul needed! Growing up on the water and not being able to go out on the boat this summer was torture for a Pisces like me. On the way we saw at least 30 Beluga whales feeding in the bay along the Seward harbor!! Alaska is soo cool!!! Once we got to the boat we unloaded all of our stuff and went to eat at Ray's seafood where Tim and I shared my first Alaskan King Crab dinner! mmmmmmmm that was WICKED good! the Seward harbor is gorgeous, surrounded by mountains unlike the mountains I grew up around in Maine, glaciers everywhere, and water unlike any water color I've even seen. Walking back to the boat we noticed something in the water at the edge of the dock, so walking slowly and quietly Tim and I were able to get within 5 feet of a sea otter having a midnight snack!!! Right there at the end of the dock!
We spent the entire weekend sailing to the Boeing harbor, Don made me drive the boat out of the harbor, sipping on champagne, listening to Jimmy Buffet, sailing on water of blue the color of the sky, Sun shining, pirate flag waving :-) Tim got a little seasick so he slept through the rolling waves once we came out onto the open ocean, but was fine once we reached the harbor. We spent the weekend rowing around in the "ducky" (though noone has heard it called that, guess its a Fickett thing) exploring the shores, watching eagles catch salmon, swimming in the glacier water daily though everyone thought I was crazy (made Tim go in but he thought it was too cold) playing water golf, relaxing in the sun with boat drinks, spending time getting to know the other members of the yacht club. It was exactly what I needed :-) The only thing that went wrong that weekend was at the end, on our way back in we hit a rock with the keel... needless to say its going to be a while until we can get back on the boat... ( in the water) ...
Since then I've been searching for a job, a car, a place for Tim and I to live, But we've been to the zoo and saw the wolves! Down to whittier which is a town smaller than Moody!!! believe it or not.. haha but to get to Whittier you have to go through a 2.4 mile tunnel that goes basically through the base of the glacier topped mountain! its soo long that they have to put jet engines at both ends to push the air around so you don't end up with dead air, or the fumes just sitting there! Well I'm off to continue my search, I'll keep you posted!!!
<3 Cait