Thursday, August 6, 2009

So the season is coming to a rapid end. We have 4.5 feet of snow in the dog yard witch means we now have to flip the dog yard witch is going to be a huge pain in the you know what! We also have a lake that has formed on our trail that is getting bigger and is going to be hard to get around, its also dangerous and I don't really feel that safe no matter what anyone tells me about it... The cracks have been opening up like crazy as well! The rest of the month should be interesting thats for sure! Rick is saying that our last day will be on the 3rd of Sept. then it'll take about a week to break down camp and sling it down with the helicopters. Jess and Robert are leaving on the 15th and we have a new girl coming up though to help with the end of the year break down. She's a supermodel from Norway, and apparently a knockout... yay I'll get to deal with drooling boys for the end of the year! So this week (the 3 days that i was actually on the ice, we're changing the schedule) we had an unscheduled tour with three Indian men. Now typically Indian (dot not feather) people are very nice, then you get the people from India... and its a completly different story! I went to unload the helicopter and before i got there they opened the door and when i offered my hand to help them out they batted it away because of course I am female and they are men... they didn't listen to Robert either, because they were "from India where men are men!" at the end of the tour I was switching dogs on Matt's team and I got called over to one of them who handed me two jolly ranchers and proceeded to pat me on the cheek.... ooooh I was pissed... That night though Rick sent us up a note that said thanks for all of your hard work have a nice dinner on me. He sent us up steak, corn, strawberries, mushrooms, chocolate chip cookies and beer, it was just what we needed :-)

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