Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Do More Happy Than Worry

Alright down to the last stretch.
I can't believe that I've been here for almsot two months! I'm not really sure whats going to happen when the season ends as of right now though. But as the title says I'm not going to, at least going to try really hard not to worry about anything until the time comes.
So this past week we had the family from hell come up to the ice... The most white trash family I've ever met. So at the LX (helicopter landing pad) we have a trail that leads away from the helicopter that we have people follow so that they won't get their heads taken off by the rotor blades. First of all I should start out that I was the one unloading the helicopter, and we use a step stool to get everyone in and out of the helicopter. I placed the stool down infront of the front door and got the two people in the front seat out. I stepped up and undid the latches on the back door and then stepped down bent over to move the stool to the back door and got kicked in the head by the dad that had been watching me the whole time but apparently didn't see me bend over right in front of him... ugh got the Dad and the other three boys out of the back seat only to look over and watch as the whole family didn't follow the trail and were taking their time getting thier jackets zipped up and not moving to where I had asked them to go. (over to the flag) By the time I reached the family and ushered them along the dad and the oldest son were throwing snow balls at the wheel dog (antelope) on Matt's team... Yelling at them I finally got them away from the poor dog who was cowering and scared as the two laughed at him I thought to myself "You've got to be kidding me!" Then they had the nerve to ask me if the dogs were friendly and I said "Yes but I have two rules: One NO RUNNING AROUND THE DOGS. TWO: NO THROWING SNOWBALLS" the reply I got made me want to smack him... "Oh HAHAHAHA" I took the mother the girl and the youngest boy and gave Robert the dad and the two older boys. You could tell that the girl had grown up with brothers by the way she took at least 5 ice snowballs to the face and just whiped her face of the stinging snow and went on her way. They threw poop covered snow at each other, layed down in the middle of the trail under the dogs getting themselves tangled in the lines, peed on the trail, went for a run jumping kravases, and then when we finally got back to the camp and their helicopter came for them the girl started running right at the helicopter! I couldn't catch her the pilot Eric was putting his hand up asking her to stop matt finally caught her and told her to walk back to me and I grabbed ahold of her and told her to stay put until I told her she could move. I told the whole family that they have to follow the trail to helicopter and when I finally said they could make their way down the youngest boy started running at the helicopter disregarding everything I told him. But this time I was able to catch him and took him by the shoulders and threw him at the trail! UGH None of us felt safe while they were still on the ground. And the fog was starting to come in too, If I had had to deal with them all night! I don't think so!

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