Saturday, May 30, 2009

Well here I am! The flight was horrible (but thats just cuz i hate flying) the rockies were stunning then after seattle it was all clouds so i didn't see much. I am now sitting by the window in our 3 bdr 1 bath apt (sorry but..... crack shack) cuz this is the only place I get service here. I've been watching the bald eagles, 4 of them, fly and "sing/call" around the complex and land in the trees across the way! AMAZING! Jamie (one of the girls here) and I went to the Nugget mall (what a mishmash of stores!) so that I could buy extra tuff boots (really heavy duty rain boots in an ugly brown/red with yellow trim that everyone in AK wears, and Bama booties, then came back to the apt and decided to go on an adventure to the downtown, caught the bus and went the 45 min to down town. When I woke up it was raining but it started to clear up as soon as we got to the bus stop. The mountains were still covered at the top by clouds but it was still really beautiful. Alaska is just as I imagined it, a mishmash of anything you can find to throw together as a house with moose antlers with moss growing on it, shops spread around everywhere, selling everything you can imagine! Jamie and I went to a little italian resturant for lunch and a chocolate shop for desert :-) its now 5:08 and the jetlag is still hitting home hard so it feels like I should be getting ready for bed... I'll be up on the Ice "Herbert Glacier" either tomorrow or Monday, I'm going to be in training shadowing Rick for a week then I'm on my own giving tours. I've found out that I get my own 10x10 tent with a propain tank heater, and a gas stove in the "kitchen tent"! more on that later.



  1. wildlife, italian food, a whole store just for treats, Renny's style shopping... your OWN 10x10 AND indoor cooking.... just a little slice of Caitlin heaven :)